I'm thrilled you are interested in purchasing some goodies from me, and I've got lots of options for you to do so! Here's all the ways you can support my work by purchasing a piece of artwork for yourself!


If you would like to commission an original piece of art from me such as a book cover, illustrations for your novel, or anything else, email me at or use the contact form on my contact page.


Redbubble is the best place to get prints, stickers, phone cases, and other great goodies with my work on them. It has little bit of everything.


Gumroad is where you can purchase copies of my books directly from me, simple commissions, and original traditional pieces. Gumroad also has a tip jar, if you would like to buy me a bar of chocolate rather than order some art!


My books are also available on Amazon in print and ebook! Come check them out now, and don't forget to leave a review!

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All work (C) Katy L. Wood

Work may not be reproduced or reposted without written permission from Katy L. Wood. To obtain permission please visit the Contact page.

Please direct freelance and commission inquiries to

For press inquiries please see the About page for my press kit, or the Contact page to contact me directly.