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Katy L. Wood

Author Illustrator
Character driven adventure & survival stories centered around family both born and found.

Books & Comics

Camp Daze Sample Cover.jpg

Camp Daze

Novel Series

#Adult, #Colorado, #Apocalypse, #Contemporary, #Summer Camp, #Girls Camp, #Queer, #Isolation, #Nuclear War,

Conifer, a camp counselor/survivalist, becomes unwillingly responsible for keeping 200+ people alive, most of them kids, when her camp is cut off from the rest of the world by a nuclear war. This is not the apocalypse she was raised for.

Launching on Kickstarter January 2024!

The Pits Cover__Sharing Size.jpg

The Pits

#Fantasy Adventure, #Western, #Genderfluid Character, #Disability Rep, #Inside-Out Mountains, #Siblings, #Pre-established Couples,

Novel Duology

When Clarabella's girlfriend goes missing she searches out the only person who can help: her outlaw older sibling Royal, who knows more about the strange magic around them than anyone. But when the search for her girlfriend sends them deep into the dangerous, unexplored Pits, Clarabella finds herself immersed in magic far beyond anything she ever could have imagined.

This book is illustrated and will release on October 31st, 2023.

Lie Down in the Ashes Sample Cover.jpg

Lie Down in the Ashes

YA Novel

#YA, #Colorado, #Contemporary, #Queer, #Wildfire, #Natural Disaster, #Climate Change, #Epistolary Novel,

When a group of teens accidentally starts a wildfire while out camping, their only hope of escape lies with their friend in a stolen, retired firetruck from the mine where he works.

Repped by Sara Megibow at K.T. Literary and on submission now.

*This cover is unofficial and was created as a portfolio piece.

PIB Cover.jpg

Poison in the Blood

Novel Series

Glory is Poison: Book 1

#Adventure, #Colorado, #Vampires, #Post-Post Apocalyptic, #Asexual Characters, #Queer Characters, #Family, #Train Robberies, #Actors.

Dustin Lockwood would give anything to find his little sister ten years after she was kidnapped as their family crossed a mostly abandoned North America, fleeing a coven that wanted them dead or worse.


Shae Lockwood would give anything not to be found.


A Fire Next Door


#Nonfiction, #Social Media, #Natural Disasters, #Wildfire, #Colorado,

An exploration of our relationship to social media during natural disasters and how social media has changed the way we communicate about such disasters. Told through the lens of growing up in Colorado as the fire seasons have become worse and worse at the same pace at which social media has grown in use.

Repped by Sara Megibow at K.T. Literary.

ITB Cover.jpg

Into the Background


#Artbook, #Ages 8+, #Illustrated seek & find, #Seek & Find,

The artbook has 13 original illustrations full of tiny details for you to find. Some are easy to spot, some are hard, but all are fun!

Appropriate for ages 8+.

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