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Katy L. Wood

Pronounced Kay-Tea | Prefers use of name over pronouns

Katy L. Wood is a queer author and illustrator who lives in varying areas of Colorado with her two cats, Rumble and Rebel. She writes adult and YA novels as well as writing and illustrating comics.


The majority of her childhood was being handed a bear-whistle, pushed out the door into the forest, and told to be back for dinner. Occasionally she would have cousins with her, occasionally she’d be alone. There were many adventures to creepy abandoned trailers with bones in the front yard (which she learned as an adult were not actually abandoned, making them ten times creepier), up creeks while making rudimentary maps, and into old mine shafts. Honestly, it is probably a miracle she survived to adulthood. She is now taking bets on if she'll make it to middle-age, given that her habits have not changed the slightest.

Select literary works represented by Sara Megibow at KT Literary.

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