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Poison in the Blood

Novel Series

Glory is Poison: Book 1

#Adventure, #Colorado, #Vampires, #Post-Post Apocalyptic, #Asexual Characters, #Queer Characters, #Family, #Train Robberies, #Actors.

Dustin Lockwood would give anything to find his little sister ten years after she was kidnapped as their family crossed a mostly abandoned North America, fleeing a coven that wanted them dead or worse.

Shae Lockwood would give anything not to be found.

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Gunpowder & Pine

#Adventure, #Colorado, #Eventual Vampires, #Post-Post Apocalyptic, #Asexual Characters, #Family


Dustin Lockwood nearly lost everything the first time he tried to find his missing sister. He would have died, if not for a mysterious woman in the woods, a woman who lives in a bombed out house and refuses to say a word to him about who she is...

How to do the Art Thing

#How To Book, #Snarky, #But Still Helpful, #Advice, #How to Draw

How to

"I can't draw."

Yes, yes you can.

"I wish I could draw!"

Then draw.

"I wish I could draw like you!

Fantastic news! You can. Click that nice green button.

The Amethyst Corpses

#Fantasy, #Historical, #Textless Comic, #Volcanic Eruption, #Character Death

Short Comic

In progress short story comic about the backstory of my Amethyst Corpses illustration. The project was inspired by the Joya de Cerén dig in El Salvador.

Into The Woods

#Art Book, #About Me, #About the Artist, #Behind the Scenes


In progress art book featuring the best of my illustration work! It'll have an in-depth look at what I do and how I do it.

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Warrior Lady
The Amethyst Corpses
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